ICSPCC 2016 Preliminary Conference Program




                              Important Deadlines:

Friday, August 5, 2016
1000-1800 Tutorial
1300-1800 Registration - Floyer, 2/F, AC2, CityU
1800-2030 Welcome Reception - Floyer, 2/F, AC2, CityU
Saturday, August 6, 2016
0830-1830 Registration - Floyer, 2/F, AC2, CityU
0930-1000 Opening Ceremony  - LT 2510, 2/F, AC2, CityU
1000-1045 Keynote Speech 1
1045-1115 Coffee/Tea Break
1115-1200 Keynote Speech 2
1200-1400 Lunch break
  Oral Session A Oral Session B Oral Session C Oral Session D
1400-1600 SPG1 - 4 SPG4 COM1 -2 DPAP
1600-1620 Coffee/Tea Break
1620-1820 SPG3-4 SPG4 5 COM2 -3 DPAP
Sunday, August 7, 2016
0830-1800 Registration - Floyer, 2/F, AC2, CityU
0900-1030 SPG5 - 6 SPX COM3  CPT1 - 5
1030-1100 Coffee/Tea Break
1100-1230 SPG4 SPX COM 4 CPT1 - 5
1230-1400 Lunch break
1400-1630 SPG4 - 5 SPX COM6 CPT5 - 6
1530-1600 Coffee/Tea Break
1600-1730 SPG4 - 5 SPX COM6 CPT5 - 6
1830-2030 Conference Banque
Chinese Resturant, Communral Building, 8/F, CityU
Monday, August 8, 2016
0830-1100 Registration - Floyer, 2/F, AC2, CityU
0900-1030 SPG6 SPG8 - 9 COM6-8 CPT6 - 9
1030-1100 Coffee/Tea Break
1100-1230 SPG6 SPG8 - 9 COM6-8 CPT6 - 9
1230-1400 Lunch break
1400-1630 SPG6 SPG8 - 9 COM9  
1530-1600 Coffee/Tea Break
1600-1730 SPG6 SPG8 - 9 COM9  

COM1 Microwave, antennas and propagation
COM2 Sensor networks
COM3 SP for communications
COM4 Space time processing & MIMO systems
COM6 Wireless communications and networks
COM7 Cognitive radio and networks
COM8 Optical communications and networks
COM9 Other communications interests
COM9 Other communications interests
CPT1 Cloud computing
CPT4 Computer vision
CPT5 Embedded system design
CPT6 Information and data security
CPT7 Internet technology
CPT8 Large scale database management
CPT9 Other computing interests
SPG1 3D and video signal processing
SPG2 Audio and speech processing
SPG3 Multimedia signal processing
SPG4 Radar and sonar systems
SPG5 Sensor array and multi-channel SP
SPG6 Detection, estimation and classification
SPG7 Bioinformatics
SPG8 Image and pattern recognition
SPG8 Image and pattern recognition
SPG9 Other signal processing interests
SPX1 Special Session
DPAP Distingush Paper Award Presentation.

List of paper accepted to present in the ICSPCC2016
2666 Variable-Magnitude Filter Design Using Simplified Coefficient-Transformation
Author:  Deng, Tian-Bo
2668 Research on characteristics of radiated noise of large cargo ship in shallow water
2669 A Spectrum Auction Strategy for multimedia stream in Cognitive Radio Network
Author:  Cao Jing;  Wu Junsheng;  Zhao Jianhua;  
2671 Stochastic signal detection based on changeable fractional lower order moments in alpha stable noise
Author:  Junshan Luo;  Shilian Wang;  Wei Zhang;  
2673 The Analysis of the Effects of ASLC on MTD and Solutions
Author:  Xiaowen Tang;  Lingyan Dai;  Rongfeng Li;  Fengbo Chen;  
2675 High-Precision Ranging of Super Close Liquid Level
Author:  Guo Mingming;  Xie Jinhua;  
2680 Computation of sensitivity map in AECVT based on voltage distribution
Author:  jinchuang zhao;  xingxing zou;  wenli fu;  
2681 The Configuration of a Flexible Control Binary Offset Carrier Modulation Signal
Author:  Fan Liu;  Xin-xin Zhang;  Ming-hao Tian;  Yong-xin Feng;  
2683 Research on The Application of Cloud Computing in Drug’s Value Chain
Author:  Ren Jie;  Zhang Jian;  
2684 Multi-UAVs Cooperative Control in Communication Relay
Author:  Fu, Xiaowei;  Gao, Xiaoguang;  
2685 Optimal Power Allocation for Two-Way Relay Channel Using Physical-Layer Network Coding
Author:  Chen Xifeng;  Wang Hailong;  Yang Wenchao;  Wang Gang;  Yan Zetao;  
2687 The Effect of Region Segmentation on Object Categorization
Author:  Tsai, Chih-Fong;  Hu, Ya-Han;  Lin, Wei-Chao;  
2691 Temporal Evolution Analysis of Functional Connectivity in Epilepsy Based on Weighted Complex Networks
Author:  He Yan;  Yang Fan;  
2696 A Robust Underwater Acoustic Communication Approach for Pipeline Transmission
Author:  Su,Nan;  Liu,Jianyan;  Liu,Qiang;  Wang,Weijiang;  
2699 Target Aspect Angle Estimation for Synthetic Aperture Radar Automatic Target Recognition Using Sparse Representation
Author:  Shichao Chen;  Ming Liu;  Fugang Lu;  Jun Wang;  
2700 An Android Behavior-Based Malware Detection Method using Machine Learning
Author:  Wei-Ling Chang;  Hung-Min Sun;  Wei Wu;  
2701 Limited Intervention Collaborative Decision-making of MAV/UAV Team based on FCM
Author:  CHEN Jun;  XU Jia;  DING Lin;  ZHONG Linhui;  
2702 Analysis and Calibration of the Abnormal Reading of Drilling Rig Weight Indicator in the Lifting and Lowering Process
Author:  Haokun Zhang;  Yong Peng;  Su Luan;  Qiang Zhang;  Peng Zhang;  Zhe Zhang;  
2704 MAboost-Based feature selection method for Software Defect Prediction
Author:  Li Kewen;  Zou Jingjie;  
2707 An Algorithm for Detecting and Repairing One Cycle Integer Ambiguity Error of Wide Lane
Author:  Liu Shuo;  Zhang Lei;  Li Jian;  
2708 A Robust Adaptive Beamformer Based on Desired Signal Covariance Matrix Estimation
Author:  Wenjing Li;  Yuping Zhang;  Chao Yuan;  Yunjie Li;  
2709 Euler 2D-PCA for SAR target recognition
Author:  Liu.Su;  Zhang.Gong;  
2711 An Integrated Full-duplex Transceiver Based on Novel Self-interference Suppression Solution including Non-ideality Analysis
Author:  Du, Yongqian;  Li, Guifang;  Liu, Shibin;  
2712 The facial expression recognition method of random forest based on improved PCA extracting feature
Author:  Ju Jia;  Yan Xu;  Sida Zhang;  Xianglong Xue;  
2713 Optimal Waveform synthesis for adaptive Radar
Author:  Xiongjun Fu;  Shuilian Peng;  Chengyan Zhang;  Min Xie;  
2717 Interest Similarity of Peer-to-peer Networks
Author:  Zheng Xiao-jian;  Fu Tie-wei;  Li Tong;  
2718 A Coloring-based Cluster Resource Allocation for Ultra Dense Network
Author:  Caidan Zhao;  Xiaofei Xu;  Zhibin Gao;  Lianfen Huang;  
2723 Development and Test Evaluation of Full Authority Digital Electronic Control System for Auxiliary Power Unit Based on Electronic Pump
Author:  PENG Kai;  FAN Ding;  YANG Fan;  HE Miaokang;  WANG Ying;  SHI Feiyun;  
2725 Fresnel Based Frequency Domain Adaptive Beamforming for Large Aperture Distributed Array Radar
Author:  Zhang Honggang;  Luo Jian;  Chen Xinliang;  Liu Quanhua;  Zeng Tao;  
2729 The Low Power DSP Platform Design of Underwater Acoustic Communication System
Author:  Zeng,Di;  
2730 Design of an Underwater Acoustic Network Node
Author:  Zhang Zhen;  Yan Shefeng;  Xu Lijun;  Zeng Di;  
2732 A dual color image watermarking algorithm based on Arnold scrambling and wavelet transform
Author:  WU Weina;  
2735 The Robustness Research of Beamforming Algorithm against Pointing Error
Author:  Cui Lin;  Jiao Yameng;  
2736 An Approach for Optimizing the Reconfigurable Antenna and Improving Its Reconfigurability
Author:  Zhang Yuan;  Wu Chang Ying;  
2737 Micro-Doppler Extraction from Scatterer Phase in ISAR Image
Author:  Zhang Chaojie;  Li Feng;  Gao Jing;  Yang Mingyuan;  Long Teng;  
2739 ISAR Motion Compensation Based on Matching Pursuit with Chebyshev Polynomials under Low SNR
Author:  Gao Jing;  Li Feng;  Wang Chao;  Long Teng;  
2740 Resolution Analysis Based on Distinguishable Ellipse in Squinted SAR under Maneuvering Flight
Author:  Gao Jing;  Li Feng;  Ma Zhixun;  Wang Zhen;  
2741 Blind Channel Estimation and Phase Ambiguity Elimination in MIMO-OFDM Underwater Acoustic Communications
Author:  Bu Renfei;  Wang Shilian;  Yu Xiaoyou;  
2743 Hypersphere Correlation Feature Learning for Image Recognition
Author:  Shuzhi Su;  Hongwei Ge;  
2744 The Influence of Different Length of Standard Parts on the Accuracy of TRL Calibration
Author:  Ru Tie Shan;  Wu Chang Ying;  Zhang Yuan;  
2745 Clutter characteristics analysis based on over-determined linear equations for secondary data selection in KB-STAP
Author:  Zhang,Xin;  Yao,Di;  Yang,Qiang;  Dong,Yingning;  Deng,Weibo;  
2746 Under-ice underwater acoustic communication based on direct sequence spread spectrum system with parametric emission
Author:  Tang Shengyu;  Zhu Guangping;  Zhang Xiao;  Yin Jingwei;  Guo Longxiang;  Shi Wei;  
2747 A Cooperative Multi-channel MAC Protocol with m-step Channel Reservation for the Next Generation WLAN
Author:  Yang Bo;  Li Bo;  Yan Zhongjiang;  Yang Mao;  
2753 An analog circuit diagnosis algorithm Based on Dual-loop Volterra filter
Author:  Chengkai. Tang;  Zhanrong. Jing;  Yi. Zhang;  
2755 Performance analysis of Self Interference Cancellation in Bidirectional Relaying Underwater Acoustic Communication(BiRUAC) System
Author:  Zhang Lingling;  Huang Jianguo;  Tang Chengkai;  
2758 Impact Angle Constrained Interception of Higher-speed Nonmaneuvering Targets
Author:  Wang, Ronggang;  Tang, Shuo;  
2760 Virtual Single-node Processing for SAR Imaging Based on Multi-DSP
Author:  Jin Ye;  Hu Shanqing;  Zhao Jiayun;  Long Teng;  
2762 SAR Geometric Correction Algorithm Improvement on Multi-core C6678 DSPs
Author:  Lu Mengyu;  Wang Jinghua;  Jin Ye;  
2763 Remote Communication Interface of Embedded System Based on 10Gigabit Ethernet
Author:  Wang Fei;  Hu Shanqing;  Li Xingming;  Wang Jie;  
2765 Application of Semi-Supervised Fuzzy Kernel Clustering Algorithm in Recognizing Transformer Winding’s Pressed State
Author:  Yan Junkai;  Qi Weiran;  Sun Yue;  Zhang Dongkai;  Guo Dezheng;  
2766 Passive Time Reversal based Hybrid time-frequency domain equalizer for Underwater Acoustic Communication
Author:  Li;  He;  Zhang;  Cheng;  
2767 Joint Link-Channel Selection and Rate Allocation Heuristic for Cognitive Radio Mesh Networks
Author:  Islam, Maheen;  Razzaque, Md. Abdur;  Rashid, Md. Mamun-Or-;  
2768 Network Lifetime Aware Coverage Quality Maximizing for Heterogeneous Targets in DSNs
Author:  Sharmin, Selina;  Nur, Fernaz Narin;  Razzaque, Md. Abdur;  Rahman, Md. Mustafizur;  
2770 SOA Extension for Supporting QoS Bootstrapping
Author:  Aljazzaf Zainab;  
2771 Applying Express-Queue-Based Approach to Software Reliability and Cost Analysis
Author:  Shu-Cheng Chang;  Chin-Yu Huang;  Jhih-Sin Lin;  Yi-Fan Hou;  
2772 Adaptive LDPC Coding for Time-varying Underwater Acoustic Channel
Author:  Fu Qiang;  Wang Zuofu;  Liu Shengxing;  
2773 Frequency-Domain Bidirectional Turbo Equalization for Underwater Acoustic Communications
Author:  Xi, Junyi;  Yan, Shefeng;  Xu, Lijun;  Tian, Jing;  
2774 An Object Tracking Algorithm Combining Spatial Structure and Motion Continuity
Author:  Hu Xiuhua;  Guo Lei;  Li Huihui;  
2777 Development and Implementation of EBGR Routing Protocol in Cropland Based on IRIS Platform
Author:  Li, Siyu;  Gao, Hongju;  Wu, Dan;  Li, Li;  
2778 Multi-focus Image Fusion Scheme Using Adaptive Dual-channel Pulse Coupled Neural Network
Author:  Yongxing Jia;  Chuanzhen Rong;  Ying Zhu;  Yu Yang;  
2780 Error Characterization of Underwater Acoustic Channels Based on the Simple Fritchman Model
Author:  zhang, xin;  zhang, xiaoji;  
2781 An Image Encryption Algorithm Based on High-dimensional Chaotic Systems
Author:  Tang Qi;  Jiang Junmin;  Jiang Junli;  
2784 Secure and Efficient E-health Scheme Based on the Internet of Things
Author:  Hussien, Zaid Alaa;  Jin, Hai;  Abduljabbar, Zaid Ameen;  Hussain, Mohammed Abdulridha;  Yassin, Ali A.;  Abbdal, Salah H.;  
2786 Non-Contact Vibration Retrieval and Performance Analysis Based on LFMCW Radar
Author:  Liao Xin;  Liu Shuai;  Xiang Yin;  Ding Zegang;  Yan Xuemei;  
2787 An Efficient TOPS Imaging Algorithm Based on Spectral Analysis
Author:  Wang Xiaobei;  Yin Peng;  Ding Zegang;  Yan Xuemei;  
2788 Adapting Total Generalized Variation for Blind Image Deblurring
Author:  Shao, Wen-Ze;  Li, Hai-Bo;  Ge, Qi;  Wang, Li-Qian;  Huang, Li-Li;  
2793 Human Gait Recognition Based on Discrete Cosine Transform and Linear Discriminant Analysis
Author:  (Fan),(Zheyi);  (Jiang),(Jiao);  (Weng),(Shuqin);  (He),(Zhonghang);  (Liu),(Zhiwen);  
Author:  Hu Dingyu;  Jiang Wenbin;  Liu Peilin;  
2799 Target scattering centers reconstruction based on C-means method for radar network
Author:  Liu Feifeng;  Feng Wenling;  Zeng Tao;  
2800 Signal Detection of MIMO System Based on Quantum Ant Colony Algorithm
Author:  Yanwei YANG;  Feng HU;  Zhong JIANG;  Chao WANG;  
2801 Throughput Improvement of IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks: Cross Layer Approach
Author:  Vatti Rambabu;  Gaikwad Arun;  
2802 Optimal Sensor-target Geometries Analysis for Angle-of-Arrival Localization
Author:  Pang;  Zhang;  Shi;  
2803 Scattering Channel Model and Channel Estimation in Fast Time-Varying and High Mobility Environments
Author:  Chen, Xin;  Fang, Yong;  
2805 Reproduction of Nearby Sound Sources Using a Modified Distance Coding Method in Higher Order Ambisonics
Author:  Wang, Wenbei;  Jia, Maoshen;  Bao, Changchun;  Sun, Jundai;  Zhang, Jiaming;  no;  
2807 MIMO-OFDM Radar Waveform Design for Improving the Detection Performance of STAP
Author:  Wang, Xue;  Wang, Hongyan;  Pei, Bingnan;  
2812 An Embedded Signal Transmitter for UAC Based on H-bridge Class-D Power Amplifier
Author:  Zhang Yang;  Lei Kaizhuo;  Zhang Qunfei;  He Dengfeng;  Fan Xuchao;  
2813 An Improved Spatio-Temporal Satellite Image Fusion Model for Various Land Use and Land Cover under One-Pair Prior Images Scenario: capturing both phenology and type temporal changes
Author:  Zhao Yongquan;  Huang Bo;  
2817 An Improved Phase Gradient Autofocus Method for One-Stationary Bistatic SAR
Author:  Chen, Shichao;  Liu, Ming;  Lu, Fugang;  Wang, Jun;  
2819 Methods for Predicting Dark-Current Distribution of CMOS Image Sensor in Radiation Environment
Author:  Zheng, Ran;  Hui, Xiangli;  Wang, Jia;  Zhao, Ruiguang;  Wei, Xiaomin;  Hu, Yongcai;  
2821 A High-gain, Third-order Analogue Signal Processing ASIC for DC-coupled CdZnTe Detectors
Author:  Wang, Jia;  Su, Lin;  Wei, Tingcun;  Zheng, Ran;  Wei, Xiaomin;  Hu, Yann;  
2822 Detecting Story-Related Subject Captions in Chinese News Videos Using Spatio-Temporal Analysis
Author:  Wang Xihan;  Feng Xiaoyi;  Xia Zhaoqiang;  Hadid Abdenour;  
2824 A Code Doppler Compensation Algorithm in Acquisition for High Dynamic Spread Spectrum signals
Author:  Guo, Yichao;  Guo, Jianmin;  Lv, Pin;  Huan, Hao;  Tao, Ran;  
2826 ECG Features Extraction using Second-Order Dynamic System and Regeneration using Hybrid Recurrent Network
Author:  Abdul-Kadir, Nurul Ashikin;  Othman, Mohd Afzan;  Mat Safri, Norlaili;  
2830 Analysis of The GEO Multipath impact on Ionosphere-free Combination Positioning in BDS System
Author:  ShanJia;  XiaomeiTang;  ZhibinXiao;  FeixueWang;  
2831 A Novel Automatic Modulation Classification Method Based on Stockwell-transform and Energy Entropy for Underwater Acoustic Signals
Author:  Zilu Zhao;  Shilian Wang;  Wei Zhang;  Yang Xie;  
2833 Clustering-based Relay Selective Decode-and-Forward Relaying Scheme
Author:  Yang Peiyao;  Li Hai;  Hou Shujuan;  
2834 Fast MUSIC algorithm for joint DOD-DOA estimation based on Gibbs Sampling in MIMO Array
Author:  Wentao Shi;  Chengbing He;  Jianguo Huang;  Qunfei Zhang;  
2835 DOA estimation in monostatic MIMO array based on sparse signal reconstruction
Author:  Wentao Shi;  Jianguo Huang;  Qunfei Zhang;  Jimeng Zheng;  
2836 A Direction Tracking Algorithm Based on the Repulsive Force Model with Low SNR in MIMO HF Sky-wave Radar
Author:  Hou, Yuguan;  Liu, Hongyan;  
2837 Estimation of Multi-carrier Frequencies of External Illumination in Passive Radar
Author:  Lichang Qian;  Jia Xu;  Qi Kang;  Xu Zhou;  
2838 Spectral Efficiency for Single cell Full-duplex MU-MIMO system based on SLNR Precoding
Author:  Teklu, Berhane Merhawit;  Meng, Wei-Xiao;  Zhang, Yi;  Chen, Lei;  
2840 The modified back projection algorithm for bistatic ISAR imaging of space objects
Author:  Zhao Huipeng;  Wang Junling;  Xiong Di;  Qi Xiaoyang;  
2841 A ternary polarity conversion technique for fixed polarity Reed-Muller expansions
Author:  Yu, Haizhen;  Wang, Pengjun;  Zhang Yuejun;  
2842 A novel TOA estimation method for unknown signal based on intra-pulse correlation accumulation
Author:  Xu, Jiacen;  Wang, Zhongyi;  Liu, Quanhua;  Ren, Lixiang;  
2845 Research of measurement for acoustic array radiation impedance based on curve fitting
Author:  Li Daojiang;  Teng Duo;  
2847 Encoding Anticipation Mechanism for Network Coding in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Author:  Zhao Danfeng;  Wen Jie;  
2849 Design of a Front-end Signal Processing Circuitry for Capacitive Multi-touch Screens
Author:  Wei Xiaomin;  Li Bo;  Wei Tingcun;  Wang Jia;  Zheng Ran;  
2851 Image Quality Assessment Based on Structure Similarity
Author:  Wu, Jun;  Li, Huifang;  Xia, Zhaoqiang;  
2852 Non-Integer Times Frame Rate Up-Conversion Using Reliable Analysis of Motion Information
Author:  Aixi Qu;  Ju Liu;  Yifan Xiao;  Wenbo Wan;  Qing Wang;  
2853 A method for moving target detection based on airborne multi-aspect SAR system
Author:  Zhao Xin;  Liao Xin;  Ding Zegang;  Gao Wenbin;  
2854 Kinship Verification From Faces: Methods, Databases and Challenges
Author:  Wu Xiaoting;  Boutellaa Elhocine;  Feng Xiaoyi;  Hadid Abdenour;  
2855 Artificial Measurements Based Filter for Energy-Efficient Target Tracking in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Author:  Zhang, Senlin;  Chen, Huayan;  Liu, Meiqin;  Zhang Qunfei;  
2856 An Improved R-MAC Based MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks
Author:  Liu, Meiqin;  Huang, Weikun;  Qian, Liangfang;  Zhang, Senlin;  
2857 Imbalanced Network Traffic Classification based on Ensemble Feature Selection
Author:  (Ding),(Yaojun);  
2859 Energy Saving Algorithms Based on Wavelength Migration in Time and Wavelength Division Multiplexed Passive Optical Networks
Author:  Zhang Lincong;  Li Ling;  Lian Songping;  Zhang Wenbo;  Wei Kefeng;  
2861 A Low Complexity Clustering Optimization Algorithm for Underwater Sensor Networks
Author:  ZHANG Hao;  WANG Shi-Lian;  SUN Hai-Xin;  
2862 Parameter Estimation of Non-modulated or Modulated Frequency-Hopping Signals
Author:  Zhang, Qin;  Liu,Yanhui;  Zhang, Xinxiang;  
2864 PN Sequence Based Doppler and Channel Estimation for Underwater Acoustic OFDM Communication
Author:  Liu Lanjun;  Zhang Yonglei;  Zhang Pengcheng;  Jin Jiucai;  Zhang Jie;  Lv Zhichao;  
2865 chaotic signal extraction in wireless sensor networks with unknown statistics
Author:  ziliang ren;  jiuchao feng;  zhi zhao;  yong qin;  no;  no;  
2866 A Distributed Sparse Signal Reconstruction Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author:  zhi zhao;  jiuchao feng;  ziliang ren;  no;  no;  no;  
2867 Impedance Analysis of Reduced-Ground Probe-Fed Hexagonal Patch Antenna
Author:  Joshi, Abhishek;  Singhal, Rahul;  
2868 A HDRI Display Algorithm based on Image Color Appearance Model
Author:  MUzi Sun;  Minyong shi;  
2869 Deep Image Retrieval and Classification on SparkNet
Author:  Li, Hongyang;  Su, Peng;  Chi, Zhizhen;  Wang, Jingjing;  
2870 An Experiment-Based Time-Varying Underwater Acoustic Communication Channel Model Regarding Bottom Scattering
Author:  Yuan, Zhuqing;  Yan, Shefeng;  Qin, Ye;  Xu, Lijun;  
2871 A Recognition Method of Hand Gesture with CNN-SVM Model
Author:  Ma Miao;  Chen Zuxue;  Wu Jie;  Yin Yilong;  
2872 Doubly Weighted Average Algorithm for DOA Estimation on UCA with Array Failure
Author:  Shi, Guixin;  Yan, Shefeng;  Wu, Yongqing;  Wei, Mingyang;  
2873 Node Placement Optimization for Distributed Sensor Network Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Author:  Yan Qingli;  Chen Jianfeng;  
2874 Control of the Error Signals in Negative Correlation Learning
Author:  LIU, Yong;  
2875 Sound Field Holographic Reconstruction System Based on Nearfield Acoustic Holography
Author:  Qi Qian;  Chen Hang;  Zhou Biao;  
2883 A Variable Step Size LMS Adaptive Filtering Algorithm Based on L2 Norm
Author:  Wang Yixia;  Sun Xue;  Liu Le;  
2885 Parameters estimation based on moments and Nelder-Mead algorithm for compound-Gaussian clutter with inverse Gaussian texture
Author:  Jian Xue;  Shuwen Xu;  
2887 Robustness Verification of an OFDM System for Shallow Water Communication
Author:  Ma Yiran;  Jiang Zhe;  Wang Xin;  Ge Yao;  Shen Xiaohong;  
2888 Geographical Topology-enabled IPv6 Addressing Framework for Connected Low Power Networks
Author:  Li, Longjiang;  Yang, Jianjun;  Mao, Yuming;  
2890 Novel Control Signal Detection for High-Rate Transmission in LTE-OFDM Systems
Author:  Li Jun;  Wen Miaowen;  Jiang Xueqin;  Yan Yier;  
2891 Radar Signal Classification Based on Auto-Correlation Function and Directed Graphical Model
Author:  Wang Chao;  Gao Hao;  Zhang Xudong;  
2892 A Novel Path Segmentation Method for Autonomous Road Following
Author:  Shi Jinjin;  Fu Fangfa;  Wang Yao;  Wang Jinxiang;  
2893 Discrete Windowed Linear Canonical Transform
Author:  Qingyue Zhang;  
2897 Multiple scaling factors based Semi-Blind Watermarking of Grayscale Images using OS-ELM Neural Network
Author:  Rajpal, Ankit;  Mishra, Anurag;  Bala, Rajni;  
2898 Adaptive Underwater Image Compression with High Robust Based on Compressed Sensing
Author:  CHEN Weiling;  YUAN Fei;  CHENG En;  
Author:  He;  Cheng;  Li;  Shi;  Zhang;  
2901 Discriminative Patch-based Sparse Representation for Face Recognition
Author:  Yang, Wenming;  Sun, Xiang;  Gao, Riqiang;  Xu, Ying;  Liao, Qingmin;  
2903 New CTF Controller using Beagle Bone Black
Author:  vrashali kathare;  Prasad S.N;  
2904 Study on a High Spectrum Modulation by Introducing Intersymbol Interference
Author:  Ji, Chunlin;  Liu, Ruopeng;  
2906 A high-precision online monitoring system for power battery
Author:  Tang, Lijun;  He, Zhiwei;  Su, Kaiyu;  Gao, Mingyu;  Liu, Yuanyuan;  Zhu, Hongjuan;  
2907 A Multi-focus Image Fusion Method Based on Linear Canonical Transform
Author:  Yan-An Xie;  Yong Guo;  Bing-Zhao Li;  
2912 Simulation and Optimization of HF Transmission Method
Author:  Fan Xianxue;  Jin Xinghua;  
2913 Multilevel-DFT based Low-Complexity Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems
Author:  Liu, Yu-Hsin;  Chen, Chiang-Hen;  Tsai, Cheng-Rung;  Wu, An-Yeu (Andy);  
2914 A new design and implementation of scientific workflow simulator
Author:  Wang, Yunlan;  Zhang, Bin;  Zhao, Tianhai;  Gu, Jianhua;  
2916 Joint RF/Baseband Grouping-based Codebook Design for Hybrid Beamforming in mmWave MIMO Systems
Author:  Wu, Chien-Sheng;  Chen, Chiang-Hen;  Tsai, Cheng-Rung;  Wu, An-Yeu (Andy);  
2917 The study of Spatial Diversity and Combination Technology for Phase-Coherent Underwater Acoustic Communication
Author:  Li Jilong;  Feng Haihong;  Guo Xi;  Huang Minyan;  Min Jinghui;  
2918 A Predictive Model Based on Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) Using Classification Techniques
Author:  Comendador, Benilda Eleonor V.;  Rabago, Lorena W.;  Tanguilig III, Bartolome T.;  
2919 FM-based multi-frequency passive radar system
Author:  Zhang Chenqi;  Wu Yong;  Wang Jun;  Luo Zhen;  
2920 A Low-complexity design of OFDM modulation based on ZFFT
Author:  Wang, Wei;  Guo, Longxiang;  Yin, Jingwei;  Sheng, xueli;  
2922 Two Dimension Angle Estimation Based on Spatial Time-Frequency Analysis
Author:  Du,Jinxiang;  Wang,Huigang;  
2923 Adaptive Forwarding Strategies to Reduce Redundant Interests and Data in Content Centric Networks
Author:  Shahid Md.Asif Iqbal;  Asaduzzaman;  
2925 Learning Discriminative CNN Features and Similarity Metrics for Image Retrieval
Author:  Sun PeiXia;  Lin HuiTing;  Luo Tao;  
2926 The Fast Algorithm for Two-sided Correlation Transformation Based on Propagator Method
Author:  Xiaohuan Ren;  Haihong Feng;  
2927 MAC Protocol Framework for the 5G mmWave Backhaul Network
Author:  Liang, Yusheng;  Li, Bo;  Yang, Mao;  Zuo, Xiaoya;  Yan, Zhongjiang;  Xue, Qingtian;  
2928 The Design of Watt-hour Meter Verification Assembly Line Based on CAN Bus and Ethernet
Author:  Hong Ming;  Qin Hao;  Gao Mingyu;  Zeng Yu;  
2934 Time Series Mining Based on multilayer piecewise aggregate approximation
Author:  Zhu,Zhenghui;  Xu,Lingyu;  Xue,Yunlan;  YU, Xiang;  Zhang,Gaowei;  Hu,Yizheng;  
2936 Dictionary Adaptation for Adaptive Filtering With Multiple Kernels in a Dynamic Environment
Author:  Wada, Tomoya;  Tanaka, Toshihisa;  
Author:  Chi,Zhizhen;  Li,Hongyang;  
2938 Big Data Stream Mining – Challenges and Tools
Author:  Joglekar Prajakta;  Kulkarni Vrushali;  
2941 An improved compressed sensing reconstruction algorithm used in sparse channel estimation
Author:  Su, Wei;  Huang, Haoqian;  
2949 Weighted Knowledge-aided Space Time Adaptive Processing in Heterogeneous Environments
Author:  Lin Xuefang;  Wang Tong;  Wu Jianxin;  Wu Yifeng;  
2950 Direction Estimation of Mixed Noncoherent and Coherent Signals with Oblique Projector
Author:  Hao,Tao;  Junbin,Gong;  Jingmin,Xin;  
2951 Improved Accuracy of Estimated Covariance Matrix With A Novel Approach Based on STAP
Author:  Tao Fuyu;  Wang Tong;  Wu Jianxin;  
2952 An Efficient Estimation of PLC and DSL Network Topology Using Customized Genetic Algorithms
Author:  Arjun Ravishankar;  Ravishankar S;  
2953 Learning-based super-dimension (SD) reconstruction of porous media from a single two-dimensional image
Author:  He Xiaohai;  Li Yang;  Teng Qizhi;  Li Zhengji;  Qing Linbo;  
2955 Cluster-based Resource Allocation with Adaptive CoMP in Multi-cell MU-MIMO OFDMA System
Author:  Mao, Yijie;  Li, Victor.O.K;  
2956 Cell Capacity for 5G Cellular Network with Inter-Beam Interference
Author:  Qingtian, Xue;  Bo, Li;  Xiaoya, Zuo;  Zhongjiang, Yan;  Mao, Yang;  
2957 Rate Analysis for 5G Beamforming Heterogeneous Networks
Author:  Yi, Xie;  Bo, Li;  Xiaoya, Zuo;  Mao, Yang;  Zhongjiang, Yan;  Qingtian, Xue;  
2959 Beidou combined-FFT Acquisition Algorithm for Resource-constrained Embedded Platform
Author:  Zeng Qingxi;  Zhang Pengna;  Ma Shan;  Feng Yupeng;  No;  No;  
2960 Facial Expression Recognition Using Depth Map Estimation of Light Field Camera
Author:  SHEN, Tak-Wai;  FU, Hong;  CHEN, Junkai;  YU, W.K.;  LAU, C.Y.;  LO, W.L.;  
2962 Antenna Selection with User Scheduling in Traffic-Aware Cellular Two-Way Relay Networks
Author:  Shukla, Mahendra K.;  Yadav, Suneel;  Purohit, Neetesh;  
2965 Fractional Fourier transform estimation of simple randomly sampled signals
Author:  Xu, Liyun;  Zhang, Feng;  
2967 The precoder design with covariance feedback for information and energy transmission systems
Author:  Zhou Wen;  Deng Dan;  Shao Ziyun;  
Author:  SHAN nana;  ZHOU wei;  DUAN zhemin;  
2972 Security Protocol for Controller Area Network Using ECANDC Compression Algorithm
Author:  Wu Yujing;  Chung Jin-Gyun;  
2973 Accuracy Enhancement of Action Recognition using Parallel Processing
Author:  B V, Vishakh;  C M, Vidhyapathi;  
2976 Petrographic image classification using Optimized Radial Basis Function Support Vector Machine & Validation of its asymptotic behavior
Author:  Marathe Ashutosh;  Vyas Vibha;  Chavhan Madhavi;  
2977 An Improved TDMA Access Protocol in LEO Satellite Communication System
Author:  Luan Peng;  Zhu Jiang;  Gao Kai;  
2978 Study on Algorithm Evaluation of Image Fusion Based on Multi-hierarchical Synthetic Analysis
Author:  He, Guiqing;  Liang, Fan;  Shao, Zhuqiang;  Li, Tao;  Feng, Xiaoyi;  
2979 Bounded OS-DL: An Improvement for One-Stage Dictionary Learning Algorithm
Author:  Wen, YuanMei;  Xu, GenPeng;  
2981 Joint LMMSE and MAP Channel Estimation Using BCRB Training Design for Correlated Two-way MIMO Relay Systems
Author:  CHEN Huiming;  LAM Wong-Hing;  
Author:  Anand Deshpande;  Prashant Patavardhan;  
2983 Specific Emitter Identification based on Nonlinear Complexity of Signal
Author:  Yang Xie;  
2985 Sub-frame Based Apnea Detection Exploiting Delta Band Power Ratio Extracted from EEG Signals
Author:  Ahamed, Sk. Tanvir;  Minhaz, Ahmed Tahseen;  Shahnaz, Celia;  
2986 A Miniaturized Frequency Synthesizer System Design Based on ADF4350
Author:  CAO Hui;  QU Yu;  
2990 Secure Biometric Image Retrieval in IoT-cloud
Author:  Abduljabbar, Zaid Ameen;  Jin, Hai;  Ibrahim, Ayad;  Hussien, Zaid Alaa;  Hussain, Mohammed Abdulridha;  Abbdal, Salah H.;  
2991 Detection and extraction of marine target with micromotion via short-time fraction Fourier transform in sparse domain
Author:  Xiaolong, Chen;  Jian, Guan;  You, He;  
2994 Novel Method of Estimating Instantaneous Frequency Based on the STFrFT
Author:  Bing Deng;  Hong-Wu Hei;  Yun Zhang;  Feng Su;  
2995 A modified echolocation model for multiple targets estimation using hyperbolic frequency modulation emission
Author:  Su Mengna;  Liang Hong;  Liu Huafeng;  Yang Changsheng;  
2997 Unsupervised Deep Hashing for Large-scale Visual Search
Author:  Xia, Zhaoqiang;  Feng, Xiaoyi;  Peng, Jinye;  Hadid, Abdenour;  
3001 An Improved Low-Complexity PTS Scheme for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems
Author:  Ku, Sheng-Ju;  
3002 Study on Panchromatic and Multispectral Image Fusion Based on SFIM and CA Transform
Author:  Tao Li;  Guiqing He;  Zhaoqiang Xia;  Zhuqiang Shao;  Fan Liang;  
3003 The Neighbor Channel Sensing Capability for Wireless Networks
Author:  Qiao Qu;  Bo Li;  Mao Yang;  Zhongjiang Yan;  Xiaoya Zuo;  Yongping Zhang;  
3004 Joint Time-Frequency Offset Detections Using the Linear Canonical Transform
Author:  Zhang Yan-Na;  Li Bing-Zhao;  
3005 A Processing Scheme for Long Integration Time Passive Radar based on CZT and FRFD-Sharpness
Author:  Bai Xia;  Feng Yuan;  Zhao Juan;  
3006 Time-Delay Estimation with Noise Suppression for LFM Signals Using Fractional Wavelet Transform
Author:  Shi Jun;  Liu Xiaoping;  Deng Yiqiu;  Han Mo;  Zhang Naitong;  
3007 Theory and methods for Sampling in Fractional Domains
Author:  Tao Ran;  Miao Hongxia;  Ma Jinming;  
3008 Chirp images in 2-D fractional Fourier transform domain
Author:  Lu Ming-Feng;  Wu Jin-Min;  Zhang Feng;  Tao Ran;  
3009 The Scattering Analysis of Elastic Wave Propagation Control Based on Fractional Fourier Transform
Author:  Lu Xiangyang;  Guo Qiang;  Wang Fengge;  Guo Yanqing;  
3011 An Efficient Automatic Palm Reading Algorithm and its Mobile Applications Development
Author:  Kwan-Pui Leung;  N.F. Law;  
3012 Bionic Communication by Dolphin Whistle with Continuous-Phase based on MSK Modulation
Author:  Liu, Songzuo;  Ma, Tianlong;  Qiao, Gang;  Kuang, Biao;  
3013 On Feature Extraction of Ship Radiated Noise Using D Spectrum and Principal Components Analysis
Author:  WEI Xin;  
3014 Pulse Position Modulation Spread Spectrum Underwater Acoustic Communication System using N-H Sequence
Author:  TANG, Zheng;  ZHOU, Feng;  ZHENG, Wenting;  


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